Injection Moulding

Individual Project / Five Weeks / 2020

Project Summary

The Problem: Design the means for mass producing an injection moulded promotional item intended for a specific brand.

  • Design a functional, injection moulded cable organiser that promotes Samsung.
  • Consider injection moulding limitations in the design of the cable organiser and develop an injection mould tool for all necessary parts.

Design For Manufacture

Plastic part design, Material flow analysis, Viability.

Mould Tool Development

Mould part & insert design, Process limitations.

3D CAD Visualisation

Mould & part development, Material analysis.

Engineering Drawings

Detail design, Part evaluation, Communication. 

The Solution

The Item

An injection moulded polypropylene cable organiser intended for Samsung, using their traditional logo as the form for an easy to use handle. A large snap fit in the centre secures the two parts without hindering their circular motion. Buckles on either side allow for a strap to attach the organiser to other item.

The Mould Tool

Comprised of two halves with two cavities in each and a single sprue leading to both, intended for manufacture using a CNC toolpath. A total of ten inserts, ten pins and four screws account for the rest of the mould tool, to be manufactured using a CNC lathe and manual milling.

Exploded view of mould tool with moulded components.

Layout of mould halves along with all inserts, pins and screws.