Group Project / Twelve Weeks / 2021 – 2022

Project Summary

The Brief: How might we leverage unrealised spaces in small transport hubs, as catalysts and places to thrive? (Set by the RSA)

The Problem Opportunity: Through a range of research methods it was evident that travelling by train can be an isolating and stressful ordeal that is exacerbated in smaller areas with a broken community identity and limited accessibility. There was an opportunity to design a solution to unite user groups and improve perceived value for money by making their experience more worthwhile through the use of placemaking.

Research & Analysis

User surveys, Stakeholder interviews, Market research, Location research.

Design Development

Sketch ideation, Lo-Fi prototyping, User testing, CAD development.

Product Testing

Mid-Fi prototyping, Empathy testing, User testing, Storyboarding.

The Solution

Gateway is a modular, scalable and interchangeable community space that creates positive and worthwhile experiences to enhance the connection between town and station, provides a range of interesting user interactions, and reduces feelings of stress. This specific concept was developed for the town of Beeston, Nottinghamshire, however a key element of the design is it’s modularity. It can be scaled up or down to fit different spaces and all interactive elements can be tailored to suit the needs of a specific area.

The space includes an interactive tour guide, flexible seating, pop-up spaces and, exhibition areas that are available to both station users and locals of the area.

Pop up stands for local businesses can be interchanged to cater for specific events at the station or can be removed entirely and used as a covered outdoor space.

Fold out seating integrated into the walls of the structure lets the installation work as a flexible space that can be altered depending on the needs of the train station.

Art exhibition areas and an interactive tour guide better link the local train station to the town and allow users to better understand the community identity of their area.