Individual Project / Thirteen Weeks / 2022

Project Summary

The Problem: The current water testing regime does not effectively communicate bathing water quality to water users.

  • The data collected by the Environment Agency is not easy for the public to access or understand.
  • Currently, water users rely on third party organisations to analyse and publish the data.
  • The data collected by Aquarius devices should be accessible to all, not just those that own the device.

The Need: There is a need for accessible, up to date, year-round bathing water quality data.

Market Research

User surveys, Market analysis, Product benchmarking

Design Development

Rapid ideation, Site mapping, Product planning.

User Testing

Lo-Fi prototyping, User task analysis, Prototype testing.

UX Design

Sitemap development, Aesthetics, Graphic design.

The Solution

A simple app interface linked to the Aquarius device to store water quality data and make it accessible to anyone at any time. This app provides the public with the data to speak up against water companies dumping sewage in our waters and putting profit above public health.

The app interface is simple and easy to understand. It consists of a dashboard showing the user’s Aquarius device data along with a map showing data at specific locations. When viewing a location’s data there is a link to tweet the region’s water company about the water quality as well as an option to report a water quality incident.

Wireframe Testing

The app was developed using both physical and digital wireframes. Both types of wireframes were tested with users to find the best arrangement of screens and create the final sitemap.

Aquarius Dashboard

The dashboard shows an analysis of the latest Aquarius device data.