Who am I?

A designer & creative with a passion for sustainabilityinnovation

I am currently a Product Design Engineer providing freelance design services in my spare time. I have a passion for creating sustainable and innovative products that can inspire and satisfy users, whilst solving real world issues.

The approach to my work is organised and methodical. I do my best work when challenged with a problem and am eager to apply my skills to new projects and am always looking to expand upon my skillset.

A few things i’m great at

Design Research

Using both primary and secondary techniques to gather information and  data to make informed decisions.

Idea Generation

Rapid sketch ideation and Lo-Fi prototyping to quickly generate and test concepts.

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing and modelling in mixed mediums provides Hi-Fi prototype user testing to drive design development.

CAD Design

A Certified SolidWorks Professional that is also familiar with the AutoDesk family and KeyShot for 3D CAD Visuals.


Using Adobe CC and Figma to create product pages, data visuals, UX interfaces and much more.

Front End Development

Website development using HTML & CSS along with SEO. Currently learning JavaScript & PHP.